The beginning of the rest of our life...

We've been saying, "We can't wait until things get back to normal when we're done with the paper route." Now that we are done...we have decided we don't want things to get back to "normal".

Dave is leading us into an intentional time of change, of pressing into God, and digging deeper into the Word and striving to be better people. We have decided that 4 things will take precedence over each day from this day forward. Romans 12:2 is the driving force behind this.

  1. reading the Word to help us renew our minds
  2. reading books to help us grow and change and renew our minds
  3. exercise
  4. eat healthy

These 4 things have taken a backseat in our lives the past 10 months in our effort to become debt free and build an emergency fund. Although we're still working on the emergency fund, we've realized we desperately need these 4 things back in our lives and to a greater extent than they ever were before.

Furthermore, we have had multiple discussions today about the fact that we are weak and not capable of leading a church wide or even small FPU group right now. We could do it, but we wouldn't be giving all we want to give and so we will focus for a time now in drawing ourselves back to God before we try to help others. I want so badly to help people get their finances in order RIGHT NOW but Dave has convinced me that we can't even carry ourselves and each other's problems right now let alone support someone else in need. We would be doing our fellow church members and friends a disservice if we tried to start something right now. Maybe in a couple months...

Well, I'm off to start my packing list for later when we go on our fun, little trip. I may even start packing even though I have time still so that it is prepared, as I will be working a lot over the next few days.

By the way, we renamed our cat to "Robert Bradley" because he likes to traverse and climb walls like our friend, Brad. (We still call him Bob mostly.) He scaled our screen door multiple times Saturday evening while we were sitting on the sofa. We took a couple pics. I will post later. :) One time he climbed up so all we could see were his back paws. The rest of his body was scraping on the vinyl siding above the door, trying to find a way to grip onto it. I don't know if he thinks he'll be able to get in the house if he climbs up there or what...

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