3. Have you ever had a long distance relationship? yep, when dave lived in cleveland for bmw school and i was at purdue - 6 hr drive
4. What is in your backpack right now? workout clothes, deodorant, lock and YMCA ID card
5. How often do you wear sweatpants? everytime i'm home long enough to relax. i've found you can eat more with stretchy pants on. what a non-helpful lesson.
6. Wallpaper on your cell phone? dave's pic
8. Where was your profile picture taken? at a wedding
10. Who was your last text from? dave
11. What's the most interesting thing that happened today? walked up and down the interstate crawling in under bridges to get cool pics for work.
12. How much older than you is the last person you kissed? about 5 months
12. What are your plans for tonight? staying up late cuz i can. maybe scrapbook, watch little house, play the piano, talk to david
13. Least favorite clothing item? hmmm...any of my tight pants
14. What’s something that you hate to do at work? talk to this one guy about anything. he makes me feel dumb.
15. What is your current mood? confused at the concept of having time at home to do nothing
16. Last people you hung out with? dave's family...?
17. What shirt are you wearing? a white long sleeve tee and a black fleece jacket
18. Have a crazy side? i don't know
19. Ever had a near death experience? probably more than i even know of. several times i have seen cars dart across the interstate, out of control, seconds in front of or behind my car, but i've always been protected. praise the Lord. I guess He's not finished with me.
21. What was the highlight of your week? this afternoon when I got to go out of the office and take pics in the sunny, beautiful weather
22. Who's car were you in last? ours, the corsica
23. What are you listening to? the screeching of our old hard drive
24. Do you get along with girls? more than i used to
25. How long is your hair? middle of my neck
26. Last movie you saw in theaters? national treasure 2
27. Last thing you ate? a donut. gotta love this quasi-weight watchers diet thing.
28. What was last thing you drank? milk
29. Are you happy right now? yep, just finished playing some hymns and God reminded me of His blessings of life and that i shouldn't take it for granted
30. What’s the last movie you watched? didn't i just answer this??
31. Where is your phone? on the table
32. What color are your eyes? blue
35. Who/what do you hate/dislike currently? my body
36. What’s your biggest problem with people you don't get along with? ugh. i don't know. this survey is kind of focusing on the negative
39. Who makes you happiest right now? Jesus
40. What were you doing at midnight new years? sleeping, before getting up to throw papers at 2:00
41. Are you left handed? no
44. When is your birthday? june 7, 7:51 a.m.
46. When's the last time you were in a swimming pool? at the country inn & suites in schaumburg
48. How do you feel about your hair right now? i like it
50. What jewelry do you wear everyday? my wedding band, engagement ring, and now grandma byrdie's ring, and my watch. gotta have my watch. have only gone without a watch maybe 2 or 3 days since the second grade. very obsessive about time.
51. Where does most of your family live? champaign county, ohio
52. Do you consider yourself spoiled? no, but that's all depending on who i compare myself to
53. What was the first thing you thought when you woke up? that i had to hurry and shower and drive to lebanon to buy some donuts to take to work and be there by 7
54. What did you do yesterday? worked, then went to kim's house to work on a display board for the society of women engineers professional development committee. fun, fun!

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