well, it's going to be another early night. i'm exhausted and not feeling well. i am going to the doctor tomorrow for the first time since i lived with my parents in ohio....8 years ago. i'm hoping to get some advice on my sinus issues, and to get a long overdue checkup.

perhaps i'm feeling bad because after lunch today i had to drive back to work from downtown with my window halfway down cuz it wouldn't go up. i would really like to get rid of that corsica.

i must share that we now have a 2-month emergency fund. we managed to save 2 months of living expenses in less than 2 months. i guess that means that we're only actually living on half our income, which has been our goal for 5 1/2 years now. YES! we finally reached our goal. so of course, that makes me think that i can quit working and have babies, but no, then we would have to keep driving the corsica and we could never go on a vacation and dave couldn't start his business. and we couldn't afford to feed or clothe our children. and the list goes on...so i guess i'll keep working for now. we'll keep saving money. we'll soon have our 6 month EF. and then we can save for another car and a treadmill and some other things that seem important right now.

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Anonymous said...

I'm going to the doctor tomorrow about sinus issues as well...we'll have to compare notes. Hope you feel better soon...and way to go on the EF!