someone must be praying out there cuz i'm sure at peace this week. praise the Lord!

the womens study continues to reveal valuable lessons to me. tonight i learned that God's will is unique and personal for everyone. what God wants for one woman may not be what He wants for another. for example, one lady might be called to homeschool her children but another may not. it doesn't mean that one is right and one is wrong. God has a specific, personal plan for each one of us. perhaps one woman would be the perfect teacher for her children but another's time might be better spent serving God somewhere else. I think that was a really cool lesson. I was just talking to Mikki last night about how women compare each other so much and it's really not right.

the lunar eclipse shall take place in 2 minutes, or so i've been told. did you know there was a lunar eclipse where the moon looked red when Jesus was crucified? David and I learned about that a couple sundays ago at church. the blood moon was prophecized in Joel 2:31. I looked that up tonight for myself.

had lunch with a friend yesterday and her little boy. found out they're moving. i'm sad but so happy for them. i hope i get to help them pack. :) i love packing...

i have so many little projects i want to complete this evening but i'm tired and have some symptoms so i think i should go to bed soon. perhaps i can do the projects tomorrow...?

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