i love surveys...not sure everyone likes to read them...

1. It’s 2AM on the weekend, and you are not home. You are more than likely: at one of our parents' homes

2. What’s the last thing you spent more than $400 on? House payment

3. Where did the shirt you are currently wearing come from? a gift shop in Williamsburg when I was in 7th grade...LOL...it's sooo old.

4. Name something that was on your Christmas wish list: to be debt free!

5. What color is your toothbrush? purple and white, one of them...i have 3, 1 in each bathroom at home and one in my purse so i can use it anywhere

6. Last restaurant you ate at? The Friendly Tavern in Zionsville

7. Last person you bought a birthday card for? Emily

8. What is your worst bad habit? not acting confident

9. Name a magazine you subscribe to? I don't subscribe to any, but if I did, I'd get Real Simple. I love it. Or Weight Watchers or a scrapbooking magazine.

10. Your favorite pizza toppings? olives, onions, pepperoni

11. Whose number were you looking up the last time you used a phone book? my neighbors

12. What is the last thing you cooked? chili, cornbread and brownies

13. Name something you wouldn’t want to buy used? I agree with Erica: underwear

14. What is the ugliest piece of furniture in your house? hmmm...my circa 1980s couch that i bought at a garage sale 8 years ago

15. Last thing you bought and ended up returning? a pair of pants

16. What perfume/cologne do you wear? sweet pea from bath and body works

17. Your favorite board game? LIFE

18. Last board game you played and with who? can't remember the last board game i played but i played cheater last weekend with dave

19. Where did your vehicle come from? from a salesman in dayton, ohio i believe. it was a gift from my parents my freshman year of college

20. If a movie was made about your life what would the theme song be? no idea

21. You're sad, who can cheer you up easily? dave or mom or his mom

22. What was the color of the bridesmaid dresses of the last wedding you went to? i really can't remember. i think they were maybe blue

23. What house cleaning chore do you hate to do the most? mopping

24. What is your favorite way to eat chicken? in fajitas with peppers and onions

25. It is your birthday. You hope the cake is? ...served with some schwans vanilla ice cream

26. What is the status of you and the last person you texted? he's my man

27. What is wrong with you right now? nothing

28. What do you wear to bed? the same thing david does

29. Do you tend to make relationships complicated? no, i don't think

30. Are you friends with all of your exes? no. haven't seen them in years

31. Whose house did you go to last night? my own

32. What about the night before that? my own

33. What is the last movie you watched? Tombstone

34. What are you excited about? the future

35. What’s on your mind right now? my scrapbooking and work to do lists

36. Do you think you'll be married in 10 years? yep

37. Will you kiss the last person you kissed again? yep. i love my mom :)

38. What's your ring tone? a stupid disco type song for dave and a regular ringer for everyone else

39. Do you plan on moving out within the next year? that all depends on the developer

40. What were you doing at 8pm last night? eating with mom and dad

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