well, we got up at 4 this morning. i'm now taking a break in the middle of cleaning the house. mom & dad are coming to visit today so i want things to be nice.

i think i'm going to do a little clothes shopping today too. i know that if i lose weight, i won't be able to wear these clothes for long, but...earlier this week i had an awful experience where i went to work dressed in a terrible outfit, thinking, "oh well, i'm just going to be sitting in my cube writing all day..." and then i was asked to attend a luncheon where the indot commissioner spoke, and i felt so dumb in my ugly old clothes. i decided that i wanted to start dressing nicer for work. when i do, i feel more confident about my abilities for some silly reason. and i have 2 big luncheons this week to attend, so i might as well look nice. as long as i'm working this job, i have to look the part i guess. the trouble is i hate shopping. i want to just hire someone to go buy me a bunch of clothes in my size and then i'll just try them on at home. my mom used to do that for me. so nice!

thursday we had a great day. i went out taking more interstate pics with my new friend and coworker lauren. then i was home at 4, cuz the jobsite is right by my house. i finished filling out some paperwork for our taxes, and then dave came home by 5:30. he had flowers for me. i had told him not to get me flowers all last year while we were getting out of debt, and i told him not to for v-day either even though we are debt free and he did anyways, so he passed the test. (i secretly wanted them...) then we went out for dinner at pizza king and went shopping at target. he got some things like a poncho and batteries, etc. and then started looking at the clearance racks. he got a lot of new clothes. a navy blue pinstripe suit in his exact size, which is very rare for him, for $60. we thought that was a deal. the pants were only $17! and he got a long sleeved shirt for $3. and i got a pair of dress pants for $11. but don't think we're so thrifty just yet, cuz we spent waaaayyy too much there. i'm going to return some things today...and then i'm going to go to a couple other stores.

the womens craft day is all set for next saturday. i got my first RSVP last night. so far there are only 3 attendees. 1 doing scrapbooking, 1 studying for the PE, 1 doing cross stitch. i'm very excited about spending time with everyone. it will be fun. :) and we're going to have veggies, chili and cornbread so far. yum. hopefully someone else will attend who will bring a dessert. i think that my co-coordinator, amie, and i will have to make an announcement at church tomorrow to boost attendance. i don't want to do that, but i do want our event to be fun, so i might have to.

if you're so inclined, please pray for me and dave this week and for my sister's fiance. he hurt his back and is in a LOT of pain. she was going to take him to the ER yesterday, i believe. i hope he gets well soon.

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Sara said...

My you were up early!

... women's craft night sounds wonderful! Wish I were a bit closer... cause there's nothing better than getting together with a few ladies for crafts and food (not that I'm crafty... but I do like to talk and eat!)

... saw that you're back going to WW meetings... good for you! Keep us posted on your progress:-)