Happy Valentine's Day

i've been a roller coaster of emotions lately. last night dave informed me that i can't really do push-ups. of course i knew that i didn't do them completely correctly, but i thought that i was at least trying and that was good enough. he also informed me that running on a treadmill doesn't really count. it's not as hard as actually running. true, but again, i thought that counted. so i bawled my eyes out for like 30 minutes. he knows i've been terribly depressed yet he springs those comments on me. great.

things between us just aren't clicking and i think that it's because i'm leaning too much on him for support, etc. i need to be happy on my own and bring something to the relationship. but i'm not. i think part of it is this time of year, the gloomy midwestern weather, etc. but i have got to get myself out of it!


Anonymous said...

Of course running on the treadmil counts...I'd be able to do it a whole lot easier otherwise. You've seen the results...anyway, keep up the good work. Don't you hate it when you get into these kind of funks? If you want my preachy advice, let me know...
Love, Jenny

Anonymous said...

Don't let him stop you. Anything you do counts as exercise-even smiling! Did you know it uses more calories to eat a hard-boiled egg than are in it? I agree w/ Jenny-keep up the good work.