Satan will not give up. he thinks that he has a chance at shaking us up. and he is WRONG. With Dave going to CR, he has tried lots of dumb, little tricks including attacking our physical bodies with sinus headaches, runny noses and coughs, plaguing dave's ability to perform mechanical tasks, bringing in another "snow storm", causing me to wallow in self pity and jealousy for most of last week and weekend, breaking down our cars so that i have 3 partially working vehicles when my husband's gone, allowing my mind to wander into thoughts that dave won't return to me ok, having evil spirits lurk about our home in the darkness, causing dave to feel stressed, causing dave to buy things, shutting off dave's phone when he needs to fast and pray with his friend, etc, etc, etc. well, we are not going to take it. we are going to stand strong in Christ Jesus. We are going to be victorious over satan's puny attacks. No weapon formed against us shall propser. I'm happy b/c in light of all this, dave and I have stuck together and not had any harsh words for each other. praise the Lord! I'm so excited because I know (and apparently so does Satan), that dave's time in CR will be very, very beneficial for the kingdom of God. I can't wait to hear his stories.

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