A success!

the womens craft day was absolutely spectacular. there were 5 of us + 1 4-year-old son. we had one lady quilting, one sewing, one cross-stitching, one studying for the PE, and one scrapbooking (me). the little boy was playing. and there were several people in and out of the church. it was so nice to spend time with these people, just being ourselves. for snacks/lunch we had chili, brownies, candy, veggies, fritos and cheesy garlic biscuits. yum! i think we're going to make this a monthly meeting. boy, i am going to have to get some more photos printed so i'll be ready to do our year 5 of marriage scrapbook on the next craft day.

it is so nice to have such an awesome space to use at the church. i admit, i was a bit concerned when i arrived at 9:00 and got settled in and no one else was there, but they all came by 10 or so. it just kind of scared me at first. i was thinking, "ok. how unpopular am i?? i plan a fun day like this, and no one shows??"

later, one girl remarked, "so, you're an early riser, aren't you?" because i had wanted to start at 9. well, let me tell ya, after that paper route, i could start at 4 and it wouldn't be too early for me! ;) i've always liked getting up early though. it's the getting up early to make someone else rich that i don't really like. but that's another story entirely.

anyways, i'm watching movies and finishing up our idaho vacation scrapbook. i'm doing the stickers and journaling now. the layouts are all done. yes! and i must say, it's looking QUITE nice. =) can't wait to share it with y'all.

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