random updates

  1. dave's home from a week long trip to costa rica. he returned about 10 a.m. sunday. he was supposed to get back at midnight but their plane was delayed leaving CR and they missed their connection in charlotte so had to stay all night.
  2. he returned a different, more calm and peaceful person and it is so refreshing. his peace is rubbing off on me. he says its cuz he lived a week with no schedule, no one had any harsh words, etc. he loved the rice and beans they had for every meal. he tried to make them for us last night and was let down when they weren't the same.
  3. he realized how blessed we are to have this house and how our life revolves too much around food.
  4. he admired timothy jones, the guy he stayed with. he said timothy is worthy of the name "role model". he will forever remember how timothy held his family and reading the Bible above all else.
  5. he wants us both to go in october. i'm not so sure. but i will try to think about it.
  6. the developer tore down our neighbor's house last friday. the big brick one. it's gone. wow. so fast.
  7. i am so happy to have my husband home. we are going to work as usual but trying so hard to keep our evenings open to be together and read the Bible and other good books. it's nice having a more calm life for a while. i almost feel like i'm on vacation every night.
  8. i drummed dave up some more side work today. another jeep project.
  9. i also am scheming about moving now that we are no longer living on 100% of our income but dave, and now my mom, have both told me that it's still not time. we should keep saving money and wait until this house sells. dave says that God still has things to teach us here or the house would be bulldozed by now. great. just what i want to hear. but then i also read about that same concept in my womens study last night. The womens study book said that God doesn't really care if we reach our destination, but he desires for us to learn what he wants us to on the journey to the destination. So, essentially, Dave takes that as God doesn't care if we ever do end up back in Ohio with our families just so we learn all the lessons He wants now.
  10. I guess the real reason i want to move is that it is cloudy, rainy, yucky, slushy (not that it would be any better in ohio....) and I am going to a job with no real point (that could change there, or I might still be doing the same things). I haven't had much to do for the last couple weeks. I was literally told to invent things to do all day until more work comes in. 4 others on my team are twiddling their thumbs as well. It makes me think about this...
  11. Dave Ramsey told a story in one of his FPU videos about an experiment that was done. There were some guys who were hired to dig a ditch and then cover it back up the next day, then dig it again the next day, and then cover it back up the next day. They were given raises over and over but eventually like all of them quit in a relatively short period of time because they couldn't stand going to work to do something that was pointless. That's kinda how I feel.
  12. I ordered the book "48 days to the work you love". It should be here next week. Hopefully that will help my bad attitude...

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