I left work at 4:00 yesterday, dropped off some keys to Dave that he needed, and hit the road. The weather was really nasty. Freezing rain, slippery roads, etc. Traffic was moving very slowly across the north side on 465. I got on at Keystone and by the time I got to the Meridian St. bridge I began to smell coolant and see steam rolling out from under the hood of the Corsica. I checked the temp gage as Dave advised me to, after the car broke down last Friday. It wasn’t much past the halfway point but the smell of the coolant kept getting stronger so I pulled over on the median side on the shoulder and popped the hood. After a couple minutes, the icy ground underneath the car was blue from all my coolant pouring out. So, I was stuck there. I called Dave. He was still at work. I called AAA to get a tow truck. They said the wait would be 4 hours. So I settled in to be there a while. I began reading my Bible and doing my womens study. About an hour after I had pulled off, a police officer stopped (he wasn’t the first one to pass) and asked if someone was coming to get me. I said a tow truck was on its way and my husband was coming to get me since the wait for the tow truck was 4 hours. He said he would help me get to David so I reached down in the car to grab my purse and keys and when I stuck my head back up he was gone. A lady then stopped to see if I needed help. She, too, didn’t know why the policeman had driven away so quickly. So she left and I decided to do what Dave had asked me to….to cross 3 lanes of rush hour interstate traffic to walk down the ramp in the freezing rain to meet him so he wouldn’t have to get on the highway and we wouldn’t have to sit in traffic an hour or more to get to the next exit and then turn around and do the same thing. But just then his coworker James drove past and recognized the lovely Corsica. He gave me a ride across the 3 lanes of traffic (thank you Jesus) and all I had to do was walk down the ramp. But that didn’t stop mean ladies from rolling down their windows and calling me crazy. Ugh. It’s like, “Don’t talk to me if you’re not going to help!” By the time Dave picked me up at the end of the ramp, my hands and face were numb and freezing. This was NOT the day to forget my gloves and not wear my winter coat. It was the middle of an ice storm. The wind had been blowing the little ice pellets in my face. I have never been so thankful to get in a warm car. J Dave says that I should not whine and complain so much but it was one of the scariest, most ridiculous experiences of my life.

We tried to decide what to do then. Went back to Dreyer and got some tools. The tow truck driver ended up arriving at 6:30, which was not nearly 4 hours wait as they had said, so we were thankful. He towed it to Dreyer and we went home. Actually we stopped at Target on our way home. We finally got home at 8:00 and then cleaned until 10:00 b/c we wanted the house to look nice for having our friends over to dinner tonight. So, I had a 4 hour commute last night. It’s funny because somehow I knew that I was going to have a long ride home.

We have 3 vehicles and only 1 is running right now. I guess I’m glad we didn’t sell it last month like we were going to. Hopefully Dave will get to work on some of these issues Thursday night and Saturday.

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