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bob is getting better. his leg is starting to heal nicely. this is where i found him tonight when i wanted to blog...

dave & i had a great day. we went to the log home expo last weekend and picked up a pamphlet from lasko builders about building a cabin debt free. we checked out their website today and found an awesome write up about their beliefs and it included some info about money from pastor sheldon emry. check it out here: http://laskoschooloflogbuilding.com/DebtFree.html anyways, you really should read this. it is quite long but pastor emry's write up about the debt money system used in America is absolutely fascinating and eye opening. wow.

we were so moved, we came home and laid out a plan to be debt free, including our home. it may take time, but that's the plan. we promised each other that we will never sign ourselves over to another mortgage again.

we have lots of cool goals now. we would like to attend a 12-week log home building school in franklin, in next year to learn about building a log home debt free. of course, we would have to be "unemployed" to attend.

we would also like to go on a 4-6 week trip out west after that. we would like to visit emily & brian, julia and her family, jenny & linn, doug & anna, and see the rocky mountains, the grand canyon, yosemite, yellowstone, glacier, etc. we think that would be really fun. and definitely something we'd like to do before starting dave's business and having children. and definitely not something we can do now when we get a total of 10 days off / year.

so anyways, we are re-focused and "gazelle intense" once again. only this time it is to save enough money so by this time next year, we'll be able to go without a lot of income for 4-12 months and start a business too. and then, after all that, and we're settled down, we will think about having kids. i have been all whiny lately about wanting to have a baby, but now that i think about these things that we want to do before kids, i know it's not time to be parents yet. it's just when i think there's no possibility of having a month long vacation out west for 2, that i think, well, i'm in this 3 bedroom house for some reason, isn't it so one of the bedrooms can be for my baby that i've dreamt of for years?

my dad got a new tractor and mom said he was as excited as a little boy. i'm so happy for him. a tractor all his own.

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