What was your favorite thing from your childhood? Barbies
Cereal?: didn't like cereal. i liked cinnamon spice oatmeal and strawberry toaster strudels
Cartoon?: none. hated all cartoons. only liked realistic stuff
TV Show? (not cartoon) little house on the prairie
Boy Band? (you know you liked them, whetther you admitted it or not): no, really didn't like them
Candy?: peanut m&ms
Mr. Freeze flavor?: I don't know what that is
Best friend?: Jennie
Sports Team?: Cincinnati Reds cuz we went to their games a couple times
Rugrats Character?: don't know
Radio Station?: Kiss Country
Name one time you got hurt: when i fell down giving emily a piggy back ride and broke my left arm
Name one time you hurt someone: hmmm....don't know
Did you watch The Wonder Years?: yep
Name one thing you got for Christmas: Barbies
What was your first wedding and funeral?: in kindergarten i was in angie arms' wedding and about that time my Grandma Byrdie died
Who'd you have a crush on?: David Phelps
Were you on the Elementry School Honor Roll?: yep
Did you use training wheels?: yep
Did you wear hand-me-downs?: not usually since i was the oldest and all my cousins were 10+ years older than me.
If yes, did you like them?:
Name one Birthday Party memory: on my 6th birthday (I think...) emily & i had chicken pox so we couldn't have anyone over. my aunt sharon sent me a present - one of those barbie heads from the shoulders up that you could put different necklaces on and fix her hair different ways. we named her marilyn and sat her on the table and had a birthdy party with her.
Did you fall into the Titanic/Beanie Baby/Pokemon trend?: i was waaaaaayyyy into Titanic, not so much the other 2
Who was your favorite aunt?: aunt connie
Do you remember?
You first time wearing boxers (or whatever)?: hmmmm...i wore boxers for shorts in gym. it was the cool thing to do when i was in jr. high and high school.
Your first swear word?: no
Your most embarassing moment?: one of the most embarrassing things was when i played the trombone with my foot and then it appeared on the front page of the urbana paper with the caption "Great Horny toes"
Your first childhood kiss?: yep. trevor woods kissed me in our my little pony tent in the blueroom.
The phrase "Neener-neener-neener?": Yes
When you quit wearing Pull-Ups?: never wore them. i had cloth diapers as a baby and apparently i was potty trained when my older cousins were visiting and i observed them using the potty and learned that was the adult thing to do
When the opposite sex had cooties?: never thought that. i loved boys from day 1....
And the endless argument over who actually had them?: No
Your baby-sitter(s)?: never had one
Your first sleep-over?: Yep. went to angie eaton's
Do you remember Street Sharks and Mighty Max?: nope
How about Nick Arcade?: No
What do you think Marc Summers is doing right now?: Who?
How cool it would've been to be the one to climb the Astro-Craig on GUTS?: What?
This or that (when you were a kid, not now)
Norbert or Dagget?: I don't know who they are
Kenan or Kel?: huh?
McDonald's Birthday Parties or Beating a pinata?: Pinata
Buying something just to buy something or Saving your cash?: saving
Nick Carter or Justin Timberlake?: ??
Power Rangers or Batman?: neither
Haloween Candy or Christmas Candy?: Halloween
Lion King or Aladian?: aladdin - magic carpets seemed more real than talking lions.
Ariel or Snow White?: snow white - more real than a mermaid
Any of the bands at the end of All That or the Radio?: ??
Sweat pants or jeans?: Jeans
Cake or Cookies?: Cookies
Kool-Aid or Animal Crackers?: Kool Aid
Kindergarten or Third Grade?: Kindergarten
Remember when "heavy metal" was Limp Bizkit?: ??
And rap was Ma$e?: ??
Remember those chocolate chefs in the first season of All That?: ??
And when you had constant arguments over what happened to the Green Ranger?: ??
Only to find out he came back as the White Ranger?: ??
Remember when you knew what love was cause BsB talked about it?: nope
And when looking at Rob Zombie could make you cry?: No
Remember when riding shotgun made you cool?: Yes
Even if it was in your mom's minivan?: Sure
Remember the first time you got the guts to give up the Happy Meal?: No
And when they'd give you a Children's Menu when you were 11?: No
Remember when you'd take Chicken Nuggets over Steak any day?: Yes
Don't you miss those days more than anything?: nope

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