thanking God for the great friends we have made at church....................

while meeting with the worship director friday night about the upcoming costa rica slideshow, dave & i volunteered to play the drums and keyboard once a month at church.

and our sunday school class is studying the spiritual parallels in movies. the wizard of oz was a couple weeks ago. pretty cool.

the baby shower for my friend, amanda, was yesterday. she's having a boy who will be named henry. (she already has 2 girls, but her sister in law threw her a shower for boy things...) i had such a good time chatting with everyone there. it was a great shower. very relaxed.

after that, i went to big lots and bought a k and company scrapbook for only $8. i'm going to use it for our 5th year of marriage album. i will work on it april 12th. that's going to be a really fun day.

we're trying to remotivate ourselves to save money. thinking of selling a vehicle to get the ball rolling. and some other stuff. it's always nice to declutter. i think i will try that fly lady strategy or whatever it is and fling a bunch of stuff. (or sell it...)

talked to mom today. she and aunt connie are with emily in colorado right now. they bought emily's wedding dress today (yay!!!!!) and they were walking into david's bridal to find dresses for me and annette (her future sister-in-law) to wear for the wedding. i am soooo excited about this wedding and i only wish that i could actually get time off work to go help plan it too.......it's going to be the most awesome atmosphere. they're getting married in estes park at a beautiful lodge on december 20th. =)

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