HVAC and work

came home to a 63 degree home tonight. promptly lit the kerosene heater. and then i had the horrid thought that since our furnace and AC are all one unit, when it starts getting warmer, we may not have AC for a while either. since i am someone who is usually hot, it makes me very sad to think of a life without AC. hopefully dave will ask our good friend seth, mister HVAC, to look at our unit soon and at least give us a ballpark figure for how much it will take to fix this.

yesterday it was very toasty in here despite the lack of a furnace. dave built a fire in our fireplace, and it was actually drawing and not just blowing smoke into our living room, which is unusual. he kept it going all afternoon and evening. it was so cozy and nice. and we were listening to our enya radio station that we created on pandora.com. (you should check this site out, by the way, it's awesome...) i lounged around part of the afternoon in my fleece bathrobe b/c it is warm and i kind of felt like i'd just gotten a massage or something b/c you usually have a nice thick robe on like that at a massage place and music like enya is playing in the background.

my boss asked a few of us to start working 5+ hours of OT fa week for the next few months last week. i started out by working 11 hours today. i just got home. i feel good after having a nice long productive day. that and the fact i will get paid for my time. and the fact that my boss called me into his office for a closed door meeting about a team member that i've been having issues with lately. things should be looking up. this talk was such an answer to prayer. just last night i laid in bed complaining to dave about the upcoming week and asking if he thought i should talk to my boss about these issues. instead, my boss came to me and that made it much easier to open up. maybe i'm a dork but i just love having conversations like this that clear the air and help change my work environment for the better. i like having relationships with my bosses where i can talk about these types of things.

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