seth stopped by tonight and looked at our furnace. turns out we're out of heating oil. and i feel so dumb. that was my first question friday night when we discovered it wasn't working. i said, "are we out of oil?" and then we both said, "nah, we're on a keep-full basis with the co-op". this is the first time in 5 years we've ran out. probably b/c it's not normally this cold this late in the year.

anyways, i hope they don't come and refill it at this point. then we won't have to pay the $300 + or whatever it costs. we're warm enough with our kerosene heater and fireplace for now and hopefully nice weather is just around the corner. we'll just deal with the chill. then if the house isn't demolished and we want to try to sell it, we'll buy a new furnace (??) along with a whole bunch of other stuff to try to make the house more appealing. seth said that there were quite a few issues with this furnace. we have not had any maintenance done on it since we've lived here and who knows how long it was before that that someone gave it a little TLC. he explained that a furnace needs just as much maintenance and checkups as a car....and my mechanic husband completely understood that. i feel bad that we've not taken good care of our furnace. not to mention that if there was a serious problem, no one would have been able to warn us.

there's so much to learn about being an adult and a homeowner, etc, etc. i wish someone had given us a book on our wedding day entitled "everything you need to know BEFORE you buy a house". because, honestly, i don't think i would have been near as eager to sign my name 100+ times the day of closing if i'd read that book.

speaking of books, dave and i are reading "time starved marriage". i definitely recommend it. it's amazing. we're learning about our "timestyles" - kind of like personalities - and how our specific styles influence our relationship. my style is planner. dave's a mixture of planner, dreamer, processor and accomodator (all 4 styles). he was the same way with the personality plus book test. he's a mix of everything.

anyways, you can take the test on www.realrelationships.com. it is really quick to take.

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