photos from january!

one sunday after church we had the foldens over for chili and ice cream sundaes. the foldens are our jenny & linn of indiana. :) they have 2 girls and a boy and mikki's like a big sister to dave. her brother guy and his wife have 2 girls and he is like a patrick to david. (however, this analogy is all changing because mikki's due to have another girl in july...but the other cool thing is that guy's wife is having a boy any day now, so if pat & michelle have a boy, then the analogy can continue....)
in this photo, jada, the oldest girl, is playing the piano and mia is wearing my boots :) mikki is feeding jackson some yummy ice cream. we were also able to show them our "new" hardwood floors too. we had just ripped out the carpet that week.
it makes me feel lazy to realize that it's been about 3 months since the carpet came out and we haven't done much in the way of refinishing the floors....

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