more stuff i forgot to mention

oh yeah, by the way, church is so much fun. today we went around the table in sunday school and shared what the best non fiction book is we have read and why it has impacted us. our friend guy got the idea from none other than dave ramsey, who said that the average millionaire reads like 1 or 2 non fiction books a month. dave talked about the magic of thinking big and how it shaped him into a more confident man, and i talked about his needs, her needs and how it reminded me that i truly need to work on our marriage and it shed some light on why someone would have an affair. not one of us is exempt from the danger of our marriages being ravaged by unfaithfulness. guy also mentioned that he's reading the ronald reagan diaries and that sounds awesome.

it is 71 degrees and sunny. it actually feels like spring. praise the LORD! we have all our windows open and we keep stepping outside to enjoy the weather. the flowers are starting to pop up. so exciting! we may go on a bike ride but the day is quickly getting away from us cuz we accidentally took a 3 hour nap. i guess we were tired after our big day in ohio yesterday. and i have to go out a measure a bridge pier and look at some drainage patterns on i-65 before it gets dark. fun. fun.

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