i'm preparing to leave for a week of training in downers grove. ha! downers grove. sounds like a wonderful, happy place. not. anyways, i used to get so completely depressed when my work would take me away from my david. i am sad now, don't get me wrong, but i guess i've resigned myself to the fact that i really have no choice. the company i work for invested a lot of money in this class for me. so i have to go. no matter what i do, tomorrow evening will come in 24 hours from now, no less, no more and i will have to drive up there with my coworker, lauren. it should be a relaxing week, all in all, 8 hours of training a day, casual attire, a $30-35 / day allowance for food and no laundry, dishes or cleaning to do. lauren wants to go see wicked. she said she would buy me a ticket cuz she can't get her fiance to take her. it's downtown. i'm not really all that thrilled to drive to downtown chicago one of our free evenings in rush hour traffic to see some show. call me boring but i'd rather go back to the hotel room and sleep. :) or read. but i guess i should live a little...

anyways, enough about that. friday night we drove to ohio and had sparkys pizza with my parents. we watched the movie, tommy boy. then we went to bed and we both slept so soundly. it was wonderful. then dave spent the day with his dad and with pat and part with steve i think. they shot clay birds and did a bunch of other guy stuff. i don't really know what all.

i spent the day in the house with my mom-in-law cleaning. no, not like mopping and scrubbing bathtubs or anything. thank goodness! i helped her to organize an extra room upstairs. we had a really good time and i feel that we accomplished a lot. i see that dave and i will have to go back soon because probably 50% of her boxes in the attic are things with his name on them and he might not even want that stuff anymore. it would be nice to free up some of her space by getting rid of things that he doesn't want. or if he does want the stuff, at least i'll know what it is. i know that over the past 5.5 years she's asked us about all of it at some point, but i really don't remember what it is.

i also now know of some projects that she plans on doing that i might be able to help her with. i'm so lucky to have a great mother in law who i enjoy spending time with!! (and i'm not just saying this because she reads this blog.....hahaa.....) i know that so many women really don't even get along with their husband's moms and i just can't relate to that, fortunately.

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