oh yeah, i've got some confessions too. before you think we're so awesome at saving money, living in a 55 degree house, etc. (not that you do...) i must admit that we got terribly off track with our savings plan in march. we managed to save maybe $100. as opposed to about $2500 in february. last night i went thru the checkbook and sorted out our expenses by categories and discovered that we spent $750 on food (groceries and eating out combined) and dave spent $617 on tools. and then he bought $340 of clothes. and then we had to fix both cars ($440). and then we spent $140 on the log home expo and other various fun things. anyways, we felt like failures. we were teaching others how to budget last fall and now we messed our own budget up again. we fell off the wagon, so to speak. in debt accumulators annonymous. :) anyways, i'm determined to turn it around in april. i put my foot down tues night when dave almost threw a fit cuz he wanted chix nachos with BLACK beans and all we had was refried so he tried to talk me into going to el jaripeo or buying some more groceries. he got mad. and i yelled something about, "do you want to be a slave at d&R forever?" and then he pouted and gave in. so we had chix, spaghetti and mixed veggies, all mixed together in a bowl. it's a new creation of mine and very yummy but he wanted black beans and chix nachos......

so many times we spend money b/c of some stupid little whim like the black beans. it's hard to resist the temptation of all the junk you can buy when you live within 20 miles of EVERYTHING. so, part of our plan is to remove the temptation by removing ourselves from suburban sprawl. but, in the meantime, we must strive to not be of this world of materialism and wants.

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