just got home from the dentist. i love appts. that take me away from work. is that bad? the other plus, the appt. only took 10 minutes. i didn't even have to be numbed or anything. and i got 3 small fillings but the dentist decided to only charge me for 2. yay!

the house is 55 degrees. now, that's not technically freezing, but it's definitely not comfortable. my hands can barely type this. so i'm going to go have some leftover chix noodle soup and maybe make a hot drink of some sort to warm up. then i'll run on the treadmill. that should surely warm me up!

anyways, we decided not to get anymore heating oil. i think i already said that the other day...sorry....but when i called the co-op to tell them that, i found out we have overpaid $400 this year on our budget plan. they are going to send us our money back now. that only reinforced the decision to not get any more oil. if i will just endure the cold a little longer then we'll get $400 for our savings. yay! i love when cool things like that happen....

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