a 48 hour escape from reality

dave & i went to campbellsburg this weekend. we left friday night. by the time we got all our junk loaded up, and drove down there, it was midnight. we got our camp set up just in time for some rain showers and were laying down by 1 a.m. in our tent. it rained pretty hard around 4 a.m. and it woke us up. we went back to sleep and woke up to an absolutely perfect spring day. i read a few chapters in proverbs and learned a lot. repented of talking too much. :) we took a walk then came back to camp and took a nap, then we went to river cave. we took a raft in for what seemed like 2 miles to me. really wasn't that far. dave said the water was deeper in there than he ever had seen it before and the current was pretty strong to row against. then we parked the raft on some rocks and dave said it was time to start walking thru the cave. i just really wasn't that comfortable. so we looked around a little bit then took the raft back out. our clothes were of course soaked, so we washed up and changed and had dinner. we read from our time starved marriage book then went for another walk thru the woods. we found a couple more cave entrances but didn't go in. the woods were gorgeous, flowering trees everywhere. we saw a couple deer. then we finished our book and had some smores. that book was amazing. then we went to bed and slept 10 hours thanks to our awesome 4 inch mats. then we took another walk and tore down camp and headed home. the weekend was so relaxing and fun. we had a lot of time to think and reflect and mainly to not think of all the work and stuff that we should have been home doing. we have worked so hard the past year and have often talked of doing something like this but haven't taken the time, and we have no one to blame but ourselves.

i am glad i went. i'm glad that dave helped me to walk on steep, muddy terrain that i could easily slip down and fall into a pile of rushing water and hard rocks 20 ft below. i had some very challenging moments on the trip where i sort of just shut down and didn't know how to maneuver across these types of terrain. he would laugh at how silly and scared i was. but it was a learning experience for me. and he's a good one to learn from. i had to trust him a lot and that isn't always easy. mostly, he was nice and didn't push me to do things i didn't want to, but sometimes there were places where i just had to do stuff to get out of the situation...

anyways, it is nice to be back home and i think i'm going to go take a real shower now. it was nice to have our "sun shower" - a bag of water, to wash off with but it didn't really do the trick.

check out our pics at the following location.


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