a new chapter of our lives....trying to sell our home

we spent mother's day weekend not with our mothers but here at home working a bunch. dave on a transmission, me on sorting thru junk in the house so we can sell it (the house and some of the junk). i've had a few instances in which all my junk actually attacked me {i.e. it fell on me....} that is not so fun. i have managed to pack up / throw away most of the office. i burnt a couple trash cans full of junk on saturday. tonight i scrubbed down the kitchen, cleaned out my side of the closet, and packed all my scrapbooking stuff into a tub so it doesn't have to sit out.

reading up on the subject of "home staging" {setting your house up to look inviting, etc., so people want to buy it} ...statistics show that a house will sell in 31.8 days if you stage it vs. 160 and it will sell for 8-10% more.

we sold the corsica last friday and the profits let us hit the 4 month emergency fund mark. woohoO! so glad to see that thing pull out of the driveway. now we are down to 2 cars. :)

i'm planning a yard sale for may 31st i believe. that will be fun.

i must get to bed now. but before that..........here's a list of some random things i found in sorting thru the junk:

1. a list of tools dave needed to work on his green jeep in june 2006 on one of his infamous little white pieces of paper from dreyer that resembles a post-it except it doesn't have any sticky stuff on it
2. a missing tube of neosporin mixed in with my scrapbooking supplies
3. the name of my old coworker's old coworker who installs kitchen cabinets (also with the scrapbooking supplies)
4. more kent hovind cd's...they keep turning up all over the place!
5. calendars from 2004-2007
6. our missing full size stapler
7. business cards from my last 2 jobs
8. 3 milk crates full of office / school supplies leftover from my time at purdue. {i would always buy 5 subject notebooks for each class for some reason...and use only half of them then start another one the next class for the next semester....so saturday i ripped out all the notes, burnt them of course, and saved the unused portions of the notebooks....now i just need to have some kids so they can need some school supplies and we'll be all set...}
9. another one of dave's white pieces of paper from dreyer that read "carter cave state park - near lexington, ky". sometime B.P.R. (before paper routes) he had aspirations to go to this state park b/c someone told him about it. he wrote it down on a piece of paper so as not to forget and then it ended up in the glovebox of the corsica. before we sold it, i was cleaning it out and i found the note. i guess that will be one of our next camping adventures :)

it is just so weird how things have been virtually untouched in the past year, since BPR....apparently we never had time to look thru the glovebox of the corsica. and i sure never took the time to clean the scrapbooking table. otherwise, i would have found the stapler and the neosporin long ago................

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Anonymous said...

So you're selling your house and moving to Idaho for a while...right? Wow! So many life changes and possiblilities on the horizon...and you're ready for it $-wise...way to go! Miss you both.
Love, Jenny