• over the weekend, i cleaned the house up extremely well for drew's walk thru. i scrubbed the bathtub and shower for probably about 3 hours. mopped and swept all the floors, reorganized everything, dusted, dusted some more, and then cleaned the tub some more then mowed the yard.

  • now we are attempting to keep the house nice and neat. this is a very new concept for me. putting things away. i have EVERYTHING put away in cupboards, containers, etc. and i'm trying to not leave things out. hard for me to do. but it will make it so i don't have to clean so much next time.

  • we're doing part of my old paper route wed and thurs mornings this week. it will be a fun flashback. sort of. at least its my old route so it won't be hard to pick up on it.

  • dave was planning on putting mark's transmission back in his truck tonight but it turned out he had the wrong remanufactured torque converter. big surprise. it seems there's always at least 1 or 2 catches in every project. i don't know how he can deal with it.

  • so instead, he spent the evening making the piece for his engine hoist. i'm posting pictures of the original (the white one) and the replica dave / his dad made. i'm impressed. he's painting it black.

  • also posted is a pic of the corsica minutes before it was sold. in all its glory.

  • also a pic of our little bob cat sleeping in a trash can lid over the weekend while dave was rebuilding the transmission. little bob loved having david outside with him.

  • today at work was boring and odd as usual for me. i was going to complain to dave again tonight about how my manager didn't speak to me until i went to him at 2:30, but then i realized that that's how it is everyday. everyday i go in expecting communication. everyday it isn't there. so i've decided to just wear a smile and stop expecting anything better. and then someday i'll leave there and wear an even bigger smile. that's been dave's motto at his job for the last 4-5 years. as new employees, we have such big ideas about how our workplaces could be so fun and logical. in reality, they are workplaces. we are employees. they don't care about us and our feelings. so we will just smile and not expect anything better. this may sound depressing and odd but it was a very freeing revelation for me today.

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