friends, electric and other stuff

we had a big thunderstorm last night between about 10 and midnight. at one point there was a huge crash of thunder and lightning and our power went out. dave was just about to get in the shower and he felt nasty, so he decided to take a shower outside in the rain in a thunderstorm instead. apparently it worked pretty well. he seemed clean. he said the rain was kind of cold. the electric company arrived to fix the problem around midnight. we had been asleep in bed but had our windows open so we heard their truck pull up. then we saw them shining lights on the transformer and then we heard them talking on their radios. dave was standing up watching them in the dark. and i told him he better lay back down or when they fixed it, all the lights we had left on in the house would light him up standing there in his boxers. :) they didn't get a show, because the lights actually came back on when they drove down to the corner to do something. but it would have been funny!

david borrowed his friend, duke's pickup to haul scrap metal to lebanon this morning and then duke and dave are going to go to the gun show today. duke is very excited about it. duke and his girlfriend amanda came over last night. duke helped dave load the scrap metal and then we all had burgers, salad, and more fried cheese balls. amanda and i had a great chatting last night. she's going to go to the upcoming womens craft day and bring her quilt. that will be cool. she's excited and so am i. and we were talking a lot about what we want to do with our lives.....

i'm not sure what i'm going to do today either. i was going to have the garage sale and i'm rather put out that i can not. ugh. but there is a lot here to do besides that. i just feel like i need dave's moral support and he will be gone. *whine* i think i'm going to do laundry, wash down the walls in the office to prepare to paint them and touch up paint in our bedroom and bathroom. we still have the paint from 5 years ago that i used in there. i hesitate to use it but dave thought if i stirred it really, really good then i could. maybe i'll download dave ramsey so i can listen to him while i work today. that would make the time go faster.

we had the house appraised thursday night and the guy said he'd get the info to us tues or wed. he flips houses for a living. he thought our money would be best spent updating the kitchen. that is contrary to what a couple other people have said. i agree with him though. the kitchen is right next to the great room, which is the best room in the house, and it is centrally located in the house. he said if we updated it, the whole house would look better. he said we should use white cupboards in there just like are in the laundry room. i'm trying to decide a color to paint the kitchen then. and i think we could paint it a pale gray color and it would look neat with the gray brick backsplash and it would be very neutral. and it would be like my aunt sharon's kitchen, which i love. hmmmm....maybe i could go to menards and price some stuff out. that would be fun.

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