my dinner tonight was a hot dog cut in 4 pieces, a stale wheat bun, a slice of american cheese, ketchup and mustand and a handful of taco chips, and orange juice to wash it down. we have no food. and i don't plan on grocery shopping till saturday at least.

our garage sale is cancelled for this saturday so dave will have more time to prepare.

going to girls night out at church fri. night i think. it will be fun.

i have to go out and mow the yard now so it looks nice for the appraisal tomorrow. what i really want to do is go to bed. yes, i know it's not even 6:00. soooooooooo tired. my eyes will hardly stay open.

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Anonymous said...

Are you trying to eat everything edible before you go and spend any more money on groceries? i sometimes try to empty my pantry without going to the store but it sounds like you REALLY need to go soon!