Day 3 of the Quintessential Home Improvement Adventures

well, we just got home. dave worked till 7. i waited on him cuz we carpooled (saves $12/day if we do...) and then we headed to our home away from home, menards. we bought a carpet remnant for less than $100 for our office. so excited about that. and we got a sheet of drywall to patch an "issue" we found last night in the office. *rolling eyes*

we also got a spark plug for the mower hoping that would fix whatever the mower's issue is but now it's dark so i guess i won't be mowing. and the yard looks like we could bale it.

the past couple sundays at church, our good friends (a.k.a. indiana schafer brothers) jack and guy reminded us of our most passionate mission in life - to pass on the the dave ramsey lessons to our fellow man. as a result, we've decided to teach another FPU class. plus now we know we will be here for a while still so we feel free to start another class... our class will start june 29th. we are both SOOO excited. i sent out a mass email to some former coworkers on a whim this evening inviting them and i earnestly pray that at least one of them will come. i know there's SOME interest. we also have 3 couples from church who are interested. and one of dave's coworkers. i can already see how awesome this is going to be. YAY!!!!

i can't believe we just got home, it's after 10 and we haven't even started working on the office yet. ugh. this home improvement thing requires lots of money and ....time management. i expected the money but not the time thing.

by the way, while i was in menards for the 3rd time tonight i overheard a young family. their precious little newborn was bawling its little eyes out. and i thanked God for not blessing me with children yet. this financial makeover and home improvement thing is a battle enough without children to care for too. i told dave this on the way home and he agreed. he's wiped out and he said he feels the same way b/c on a night like this he knows he couldn't give me a break and help take care of the kids because he's worn out. (he's zonked out on the sofa as i type this.) i don't know how people do it. kudos to all of you who do. for now we will be content to be just dave & katie.

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