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God's Creation

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  1. things with the house are going rather smoothly. we are getting more efficient as the week goes by. mon night we were sanding by hand. tonight we upgraded to the 6" diameter sander that runs off the air compressor. much easier. and i decided i will never dust again. i'll just use the compressed air hose here in the house.
  2. we're getting by on little sleep again thx to the house. but that's ok. i ordered 3 cases of xs and they should be here friday night.
  3. saturday is craft day. yay. trying to plan what to take for dinner for an undetermined number of people. should have done RSVPs but no one ever calls, so i figured why bother?
  4. we are going to take a couple days off work soon and go to mohican to relive our honeymoon.
  5. i went to workout tonight and as i entered the gym, i ran into a girl i work with, we have a mutual friend we also work with. she has never been all that friendly to me. and tonight she said something that really upset me and pushed my buttons. as we walked into the gym she scoffed, "do you actually pay for a membership here?" i said, "yeah, i guess so, why?" and she said, "you're crazy." (she was there somehow as a guest to play racquetball...) i didn't say anything else. i just walked right past her. i was in shock that someone would be that openly judgemental and rude. if she had ever tried to be friendly to me the entire time we've worked together i probably would have shared with her our whole entire financial story. and she would know that i was debt free and really not someone who spends money flippantly and that i can spend that small amount of money on myself guilt free so that i can look better and feel better since i don't have car payments and school loan payments, etc, etc. once again, i feel alone as usual because a coworker who could be my friend is insensitive and totally in the dark about who i really am because she doesn't take time to speak to me. when we pass in the hall and i say hello, she doesn't respond, etc, etc. i had been feeling more confident the last 2 days but this really crushed me. when i saw her walking in there tonight, i was excited that a potential workout buddy was walking in with me. and then she crushed me with her rude words. i cried in the car when i went to pick dave up at work after i was done working out. cried really isn't a good word. sobbed is more like it. hhhhhhhhhh i don't know why i care. i guess i want to be accepted. just like i little child on a playground wants friends.

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