1. last night we bought a built-in dishwasher that was listed on craigslist for $50. it is black with stainless steel inside. it is in really good shape, just needs a good cleaning. the former owners won a brand new top of the line jenn air in a contest and just wanted to get rid of this one, even though it works great. when we remodel the kitchen sometime in the next few months, we will put it in. dave was searching for it online last night and found the owners manual. he determined from the serial number that it is normally sold for about $1100. and we got it for $50! from now on, i will only buy appliances off ebay or craigslist. (that's how we got our portable DW for $120 too...it's nice, but it's no $1100 DW, that's for sure)
  2. i woke up thursday morning with something in my eye and could barely see all day. it was miraculously healed by friday morning. praise the Lord!
  3. i woke up friday morning with a bite on my foot. by noon, my foot was aching in pain and swollen. i don't think this is a mosquito bite but possibly an allergic reacton to a spider bite. i'm looking for signs like color change, fever, etc. that would indicate danger and the need to see a doctor. otherwise, i'm just trying to stay off my foot as much as possible because it hurts and swells more when i'm up. it feels good when i ice it too.
  4. today is womens craft day at new hope. i need to get in gear and make some food here pretty soon and organize my supplies for scrapbooking. i think i really need some refills which would require a trip to target. ugh. i just had dave run in there last night while i was in the grocery to get me some adhesive and i thought that was all i needed.
  5. duke is helping dave take another load of scrap metal today to lebanon. and amanda is coming over for craft day to work on her quilt.
  6. we primed the office thurs night and dave plans to patch more holes today that we can see now that everything is white. we may paint on sunday afternoon. we're tossing around the idea of getting a new water softener/filter system. this home improvement thing has gotten very extensive...

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