tidbits from a hillbilly life and birthday plans

let me first preface that this post is mainly a sarcastic portrayal of our lives. and i love my david.

  1. my toyota camry is up on "blocks" in our hillbilly attached garage b/c dave is stripping off the peeling clear coat on my wheels and repainting/clear-coating them. they actually look really nice now....but it is kind of funny to see the car jacked up on 4 jack stands....
  2. we pulled trees out of our yard tuesday night with a chain hooked onto the back of the jeep. who needs a chain saw anyways?
  3. it now looks like a tornado went thru our backyard b/c there are like 20 small trees uprooted and strewn about waiting to be carried over to the burn pile. that has yet to happen.
  4. i went to work at least 3 days so far this week smelling of fried grease b/c my clean clothes were in hanging on my "drying rack" (a.k.a. shower curtain rod in a doorway) in the kitchen next to the stove while dave was frying cheeseballs last week/weekend. i guess the grease must have wafted over onto them. ugh. it is pretty disgusting to smell like fried grease, especially at like 7:30 in the morning. that's the last thing you want to smell at that time of day.
  5. we are sleeping on our 4" thick camping mats on top of our mattress because our mattress alone is so uncomfortable. they smell like vinyl/plastic. so our entire bedroom smells like vinyl/plastic. and i keep thinking that it is body odor.
  6. we went out to an awesome restaurant tonight that dave's coworkers have been recommending. it was very inexpensive. dinojax. it's a chicago style hotdog place. they had friend hot pepper jack cheeseballs with cocktail sauce. yum. what is up with our new fried cheese obsession???? we had some good talks with the owner.
  7. at work today i heard really loud helicoptors flying closely over the building. googled the latest news and found that the marines are practicing urban combat today. i can not help but ask the question "why?" i honestly think they have a good reason for doing this and i only fear that it's not because they expect a war in indianapolis or any similar u.s. city. dave says we may move to costa rica after all.
  8. saturday is my 26th birthday. with the coming of this day, i am reminded that my lifelong goal of becoming a mother by the age of 25 is not happening {unless we adopt a child in the next 36 hours or so}. this is a hard thing to swallow for me. i guess i've pretty much known for the last 10 months or so that it wasn't going to happen, but it's definitely reality now. i guess i must face it. hhhhh....
  9. i have a fun birthday planned, nonetheless. i'm getting my haircut and my eyebrows waxed sat. a.m. and then i may get my nails done. i never have before. not for prom or wedding or anything.
  10. at 4:30 saturday, we're going to st. elmo's for a steak dinner complete with shrimp cocktail. yum. we have a $200 gift card to use from the recruiter who got me this job. we were going to use it for dave's birthday back in november but we were still delivering papers then and couldn't stay awake long enough to eat out. and dave is renting me a car for the day cuz he has the wheels off mine and the jeep doesn't have a/c right now and i said i wanted to get all dolled up for our date and ride in a/c. and we may go see a movie. it will be a fun, romantic evening.
  11. on sunday we're going to meet my parents at a restaurant halfway to ohio for lunch. it should be fun.
  12. of all this, i'm mainly excited about the new car with a/c honestly. it is soooooo hot and humid all of a sudden.
  13. i got 4 books at the library today. the one i started reading tonight is called "10 Things Your Minister Wants to Tell You: (But Can't, Because He Needs the Job)". i find it very frustrating to read b/c it is pretty much complete opposite of Kent Hovind, a guy we listened to on CD talking about creation vs. evolution. the man who wrote this book is a baptist minister and it is amazing how different his beliefs are from Hovind's and how much they line up with the Baptist church I grew up in. While I had kind of abandoned those thought processes while listening to Hovind, now they're being dug back up out of my mind. Now I don't know who to believe or what i believe. I need to form my own beliefs. But life would be a lot easier if you could just pick someone else's thoughts and endorse them wholeheartedly. at least that's how i feel.

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