well, we've put it off since march 4, 2007 and it can be put off no longer. we must cancel our home phone and internet. so my blog is coming to an end. this hurts me more than it hurts you, my dear readers.

but now that we're teaching another FPU class we're even more determined to save and to pay off our home. we're wasting $75 / month on the phone/net. we are getting gazelle intense once again.

maybe someday when i no longer have payments, i will get back up on the line and share with you my every thought, but for now, goodbye. and i guess i may periodically update if i go to the library and get online, but i won't be able to upload pics there, etc.

last night we came to the conclusion that dave might possibly be the "nerd" and i might possibly be the "free spirit" with the finances. we've tried to switch roles for 6 years because he cares least about money than anything else in his life (or did) and i used money as a way to maintain control. anyways, i'm excited because the decision to get rid of the phone/net is mostly his and although it breaks my heart cuz i love blogging and reading other peoples' blogs, i must submit. this is one of his first defining acts of leadership in the finances. and i welcome it.

by the way, our churchwide fall FPU class that has been delayed to january was still listed on the dave ramsey website up until today. a couple who we don't know from indy registered for it. dave called to tell them it is delayed till january and that they could come to the one at our house since we're only 3 weeks in. anyways, the wife had to check with her husband but there's a good chance they may join us. i'm so excited to meet complete strangers and connect in the area of finances. isn't it awesome how God works?

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Anonymous said...

I will miss checking in with you guys...I guess we'll just have to call more often...you're not by chance switching cell phone providers to verizon so you're free are you? (You guys aren't the only cheap ...I mean frugal ones:)) With the price of everything going up so much you have to make sacrifices somewhere...any good cheap meals you've come up with? We've gotta shave some $ off in that area. Keep in touch...love and miss you!