i guess the net is still working even though dave cancelled it last night. i'm not sure how much time i have left :) but i will blog while i can....

please pray for me. last night after i blogged, i went to bible study. i was feeling great and then satan hit me like a ton of bricks. he strapped me with a sore throat, headache, bodyache. i felt miserable. i came home and dave blanketed me with scriptures of healing and i felt better. we decided that satan was attacking because we're making some huge changes, etc. and he doesn't like them.

so we went to bed and i woke up at 3 a.m. i felt like i was going to be sick to my stomach. i yelled out for dave, and leaned over the side of the bed, at which point i fainted and rolled onto the floor. he said i quit breathing for 5- 10 seconds because my tongue blocked my throat so he rolled me over and i was better. i praise the Lord that my yell actually woke him. i woke up having no idea where i was of course. i didn't know why i was laying on carpeting and crocs. we were up till after 4. he was reading the Word to me. i was laying on the bathroom floor feeling horrible then finally made it back to bed.

i can't really miss work right now. so i have to drag myself in. i think i will take my time and get ready at a slower pace than usual today (hence this morning blogging thing) so i don't make myself dizzy again. i really don't like being dizzy.

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