this has been a great week!

i have had lots of time to catch up on grocery shopping, laundry and cleaning the house this week. it has been really fun to relax a little and i slept in this morning for the first time in about 3 weeks just because i could and i wanted to get some extra sleep in before the paper route starts up...

yesterday i went out grocery shopping and i am pleased to announce that i did 4 weeks of shopping for $185. that is a record for us! i had clipped all the coupons and scoured all the circulurs for the best deals but then i stopped at dollar general before going to kroger and marsh. dollar general is awesome because it has all the deals like big lots or aldi, but they will take coupons too! woohoo! actually, i'm not sure. maybe aldi will take coupons too. i know big lots won't though.

this afternoon i have to go to the doctor (not really looking forward to that) but afterwards, i am headed to costco for the last time (our membership expires at the end of the month and we are not renewing). i am going to get a few things - kitchen cleaning wipes, kleenex, and a new shaver for david. he's only been wanting a new one for like 3 years! i think he deserves it by now.

tonight we're going to our friends' house for dinner. we are both really looking forward to that. they are awesome cooks!!

we are dreaming of taking a road trip to florida next spring. 2 of my aunts recently rented/bought condos down there and we are going to go visit them!! last night i made a tentative plan of how we will drive there and where we will stop on the way. now we just need to save $$!

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