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the couple that i nanny for is totally inspiring me to work on fixing up the house. their baby was baptized sunday and they had a reception afterwards so saturday they did tons and tons of work on their house/yard to get ready for the big party (while i was watching the kids). i felt like such a slacker watching them knowing i would never do that much work to my house in one day. then i came home to find david working away. something must have inspired him too. he fixed the kitchen sink that's been leaking on both sides the past couple of months. (we had to have buckets under each side to catch the water dripping out of the pipes!). and, bonus, he discovered a rotting piece of string in the garbage disposal and removed it, this explains the nasty stench coming from our sink the last year or so! dave also fixed 2 doors in the laundry room so now they will actually close.

other news, friday night i came home and within an hour started having a sore throat. i felt horrible. and that was my first night of the paper route subbing. and the start of weekend in the word at church. i was very frustrated and overwhelmed that i got sick at such an inopportune time. fortunately dave helped me to do the paper route sat and sunday mornings, and i planted myself next to dave in the front row at church 3 days in a row for weekend in the word. our guest speaker was dr. j.k. jones, a professor at lincoln christian univ. in lincoln, il. he was a very talented speaker and has obviously studied the word a ton, and i'm so glad i made the effort to go to church all weekend to hear what he had to say about the book of ephesians. :) i went to bed sunday at 4:30 in the afternoon and woke up at 2:00 this morning for the paper route feeling much better. sleep is the BEST medicine, i tell ya. i babysat again today and felt much more with it than i did saturday. so grateful for a quick healing! because honestly, i've gone thru 4 boxes of kleenex since friday and i can't afford much more of this!

i had contemplated running my old paper route thru christmas this year because the opportunity is there and we need to save some more $ over the next few months...  but, after seeing some of the people who were delivering papers 2 years ago when we did again, and seeing that they appear to have aged 10-15 years in the last 2, i really don't think i want to do that at all. sleep is too vital to our health for me to cut into it anymore. i think that i'd be better off delivering pizzas or working at lowes or something than getting up in the middle of the night 7 days/ week delivering papers.

i saw a kitchen renovation show where they used granite tiles for a countertop instead of granite counter. i thought that was an awesome money saving idea and we are thinking about it for the kitchen. it wouldn't cost much more than stock laminate counters.

i am also trying to decide if we should paint our master bedroom shoreline haze (beige) like the guestroom or a really, really, really light blue, almost gray color. any thoughts anyone?

last thursday i had a dr. appt. i left feeling very discouraged and alarmed. but also thinking the doctor may just be jumping to unnecessary conclusions and suggesting tests that aren't even needed. no wonder i don't like going to doctors! i put her off for now. God is in control and i want to wait on Him. however, i just feel pretty unsettled after all that. so please pray that we don't have to move forward in that direction.

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