i am doing a bible study by beth moore right now with a group of about 18 women from church. the study is called "to live is christ" and it is REALLY good. it is all about paul's life and ministry. this study has a lot more bible reading and history to learn that the previous beth moore studies i've done. through this i've found myself reading all over the bible, especially in the new testament. i thought that i pretty much had read the whole new testament but i'm realizing there is a lot of it that i haven't read. i have a newfound hunger for reading the word. through the study beth instructs us to read certain passages, long passages, and i find myself reading more than was even assigned because i get so interested in the story and i want to know what happened next...this is so much fun! i am so thankful that God put me in this study right now.

2 weeks ago when we started the study i mentioned something about playing the piano at the kingscreek baptist church so one of the ladies in the study asked me today as we were leaving if i've ever given piano lessons. she wasn't aware that i am currently doing that and looking for more students. so...i may get to teach her daughter soon. how cool is that?!

i turned down a babysitting job opportunity yesterday. i didn't have the greatest feeling about it and it was only about 6 hours/week in carmel, so a lot of driving for 2 short days / week. i am feeling pretty content with my schedule right now. i don't want to commit to something else right now and i know that i have a few other things coming up in the next few months.

well, i'm off to go grab a quick lunch and then head to town to drop off recycling, teach a piano lesson and go grocery shopping. i am sooooo thankful for my new life!

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