just got back from costa rica sunday night. still processing the mission trip. everything was so different there. i am pretty glad that i went. it gave me a new perspective on my own life. but not sure i will ever want to return there. it was pretty far outside my comfort zone. haha...just so grateful that i got to experience it alongside my david. oftentimes couples have to go separately because someone has to stay home with their children. i guess that is one advantage to not having a family yet!!

i worked on monday and spent some quality time with dave in the evening. we rode bikes and had a fire outside and danced in the darkness of our backyard. mmmm... and today i spent all day unpacking, doing laundry, cleaning, playing on the computer, planning tomorrow's grocery trips (a.k.a. spending hours planning out 4 weeks of meals that correspond with the grocery circulars and coupons that i've clipped), wondering why i feel dizzy and not hungry, and just enjoying being back at home. i am headed out the door to a piano lesson in a couple minutes. boy am i glad to be back home!! see ya!

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