God is good. I just got another babysitting gig for April and May of next year - 2 days / week. Some friends from church spread the word about me to one of their friends. And Wala! A job for me. Wow.

I was going to make some applesauce to use up some apples. Put them on the stove to cook and got distracted looking something up on the computer. All of sudden I smelled something burning. Oops. The computer strikes again.

I spent a couple hours this morning chopping and grating vegetables and putting them in the freezer for a later date. That was kind of fun.

The thing that I was looking up online that distracted me from the apples was believemidwiferyservices.com. Dave saw a bumper sticker for them recently. This may be an option for when we have a baby. :)

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eisley54 said...

I would love to be a midwife, which would be amazing, but since most of the ones that are allowed to practice or deliver in hosptials have to be an RN, I decided a Doula would be a better option for me, you just have to take classes and get certified (you dont' get to deliver babies though) you should check that out as well. birthmatters.com will tell you about it!! I'm glad your life is full and happy--I wish I could leave my office job and find something I love to do and still be able to bring in money to help with bills-kids aren't cheap! :) I also feel miserable having to sit at a desk all day doing things that I don't think matter or fee fulfilled doing. I do have an amazing boss and great co-workers, but I still don't have passion or happiness here. I feel the same way you did!!!
I hope that babymaking is coming along! I'm just waiting to hear that you are preggo :)
You're an awesome person and I hope that adds to some positive thoughs!!