what a beautiful day

got up at 2:30. ran the papers in a record 1 hour 45 minutes this morning. and that is even more impressive knowing i had 2 different kinds of inserts for 2 different zip codes to deal with! i was proud of myself for not getting them mixed up, etc. it is actually really hard to keep that kind of thing straight at that time of night.

was back home by 4:45. didn't really feel tired then so worked on some piano lesson paperwork and cleaning the office. watched the duggars on the internet. i absolutely love watching this show. they have 18 kids. #19 on the way. inspirational family.

then it was time for dave to get up so i fixed him breakfast and lunch and we actually sat at the table and ate breakfast together. it was so nice for him to get up a few minutes early because i helped him to, and not be frantically running out the door at the last minute. and it was so much fun to be with him. then i followed him outside while he added brake fluid to my car. i put on some sandals, already had socks on, realized that my feet looked like goat hooves with the sandal dividing thing in between my thick sock covered toes. haha....laughed hysterically about that together.

i feel like going back to bed now but i have to get a shower and leave in about an hour for the beth moore study, so i guess i will just drink some coffee and try to forget about it. having lunch with my friend traci today and then teaching a piano lesson. my student is graduating to his second set of books already. woohoo!

yesterday i went to target after getting my haircut and got a couple new clothing items - some khakis on clearance and some jeans and a couple cute fall shirts and a bra. trying a new style since my old one was discontinued. but they only had 1 in this new style in my size. i just hate bra shopping. they never seem to have my size. maybe i can find a source online sometime so i don't have to deal with wading thru rack after rack at the store. while i was there i had a pumpkin spice latte from starbucks. special treat to myself to celebrate the fall weather. i really have to stop drinking so much coffee. but we brought back 5 pound bags of coffee straight from the farm in costa rica and it's so good!! speaking of which, the missionaries have worked out something with some old family friends, a mennonite family, who live in plain city to sell their coffee in ohio. isn't that cool?!?!? it is such a small world!

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