here are my thoughts at the end of a fun day...

there's just something about waking up at 2:30 a.m. that makes me nauseous. (did i spell that correctly?) absolutely turns my stomach. anyways, i have felt sick all day long. it all started as i was speeding around in the dark, slamming on my brakes at every other driveway, in order to beat my own personal paper delivery record for the week. then i drank a couple starbucks bottled mocha frappucinos and ate a donut at the beth moore study. then had pizza hut and then chili and cornbread just now. my stomach is revolting. ahhhh. i am going to bed now. probably taking some tums too. at 7 pm. yep. going to bed. because tomorrow is...the big one...a.k.a. the weekday with the most papers. there will be more driving and stopping. you know, there was one time a couple years ago that i drove myself so incredibly sick on the paper route that i had to pull over on the side of the road, in a really nice housing development, mind you, roll down the windows in 20 degree weather, take off my coat and hat and gloves and lay still for about 10 minutes before i could go on. oh that was horrible. i need prayer that tomorrow does not turn out that way.

anyways, in spite of the sick stomach, seriously, i had a great day. fun bible study time. fun lunch with my friend and her 2 boys. fun piano lesson and fun time visiting amie and her baby boy who is 1 month old already!!!!! i even stopped by an antique mall in there. and didn't buy anything. :) and talked to 2 sister in laws and my sister and my mom. yay! and my phone needs charged now....i am so thankful that i am able to truly live life and not be stuck in a jail cell (eh...cubicle) all day. praise the Lord! and my loving husband. :)

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