random stuff

  1. went to ohio this weekend. God was doing lots of awesome stuff. W .O. W.
  2. got back in touch with our old friend, ben. was able to have some really awesome talks with him about his new relationship with the Lord. God took some rotten circumstances in his life and turned them into good. I can not believe the incredible work that God has done in his life this year. it's absolutely amazing!!!! we were FIRED UP after visiting with him. It helped our late night drive back to Indy go faster.
  3. had a talk with my aunt about my uncle not being aware of the prophecies of the end times, the rapture, etc. looking for a way to answer his questions. i find it sad that all of us christians around him for his 70 years of life have not shared these things with him. it is amazing how much we can talk about random junk that doesn't have eternal value when we could really be helping him eternally.
  4. sat in the front at dave's home church. loved it! we normally sit in the front at our church in indiana but usually sit in the same place we always do when we visit oak grove, more towards the back, out of habit. because that's where the rest of his family typically sits, etc. we find ourselves unable to concentrate in the back, bored, distracted, etc. so we decided to sit up front yesterday as an experiment and had a great time. you're so much closer to the action, can make eye contact with people speaking, etc. we really learned a lot from the pastor this time and the music was more fun because we could really see what was going on. so excited about this as we were feeling very down and discouraged the last couple times.
  5. dave & his brother patrick built the first of our many new cherry custom kitchen cabinets too. well, partially. had trouble with some tools so had to quit before done. you would think brand new saws would work more than a couple weeks!!! now we have to try to get our $$ back. lots of it. but what they have built so far is great. i knew they could do it!! i am so grateful to have married into such a handy family. i'm so proud of those guys.
  6. fun week planned for me and dave. want to start patching/sanding/painting the front room and master bedroom. we've got to keep our focus on the goal.

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