i am not feeling well today. had a list of things i wanted to do and spent the whole day laying in bed or on the bathroom floor. in fact, i just got up at 5:30. i even had david come home from work at noon to take care of me, because i was too weak to get dressed or get a drink for myself (and i was feeling pretty dehydrated) or tylenol for the body aches. i am guessing this is the flu. fun, fun.

anyways, i had to laugh because david was trying very hard to be nurturing and caring and all. he used a lid from a rubbermaid tub as a tray and brought me 7 up and crackers and tylenol to bed. i was so thankful for his help as i was considering calling a friend or someone from church to care for me before he agreed to come home. but anyways, back to the tray...as he picked up the tray to take it away from the bed when i was done, he hit me in the face with it. i had to laugh. he is a great man, and i love him, but he certainly would not make a very good nurse/mom...

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