I can not believe this just happened. We were just walking into our bedroom to go to sleep and I noticed a nice little surprise on my night stand on top of a glass jewelry box. A mouse. At first glance I thought it was a stuffed animal that Dave had strategically placed to freak me out. Then it raised its hands to its mouth to eat something. I said, "It's real. It's alive." and ran out of the room.

The dialogue went something like this:
Katie "What are we going to do?"
Dave "I'll have to shoot it."
Katie "Just pretend I'm not here. I will hang out in the bathroom. Let me know when you're done taking care of it." {I hid in the bathroom with the door slightly cracked so I could see into the bedroom to make sure it didn't run away. I saw Dave walking past in his underwear with the blow dart gun.}
Dave "I've got it loaded with a broad head dart."
Katie "Won't it get blood on the carpet? Why don't you just smash it with something?"
Dave  "It's sitting on a glass box."
Katie "Right"
Dave proceeded to have target practice in the front room by aiming for a knot in a pine 2X4, while Katie watched the mouse.
When Dave was ready he prayed to God to bless his dart.
With a strong gust, he hit the mouse from 15 ft away, straight up its anus, knocking the mouse from its post onto the floor.
At that point, Dave decided to put on some Cowboy boots and get the machete then he went in after it.
It took at least 5 minutes, but with the help of his Surefire E2D Defender, he finally located it behind the curtain, struggling to remove the dart.
At this point, Dave asked Katie to enter and lift the curtain so he could shoot it again.
Katie whined and complained and did not want to be anywhere near the mouse, but she did it anyway.
The mouse began to run all around the room, slowly, since it had a dart stuck up its rear.
Dave fired several more shots, possibly 7,  and was able to strike it again, putting a dart straight through its heart.
It only spilled 3 drops of blood on the new carpet, which David cleaned up before it dried.

Dave is my ultimate hero.

Ironically, I just told my friend Michelle last week that we don't really get mice in the fall, but in the spring. I guess I was wrong. This is only the second one that I've seen in our home in 7 years, but it was definitely too close for comfort.

For photos, see here:
My Ultimate Hero...


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you had to go through that! I woke up in the middle of the night sure I was hearing mice and couldn't go back to sleep from it. I HATE mice! The trauma! -Jenny

Anonymous said...

I don't know which is funnier-your "blow by blow" decscription(ha-ha or david in his underwear and boots with a machette!