we had our first sunday at home in a month or so. it was very, very, very nice to be home. we went to church and had a fabulous time then we had brunch at Aunt Lisa's after church and that was fun, then we came home and took a nap and then we had dinner and went to Lowe's for a couple hours to get some ideas. we looked at cabinets, lighting for the kitchen. we also looked at granite tiles for the countertops and now dave is agreeing with me that we should move forward with that option. we chose a really beautiful tile, but didn't order it yet. sleeping on it. talked to the salesman about appliances too. we are so, so, so excited about this kitchen remodel!!

saturday i had craft day with the ladies. got a few scrapbook pages done in our 7th year of marriage book. and while i was doing that, dave was home with his friend, nick, tearing out half of the wall between the kitchen and the front room. the house is very dusty now but we love the results. check out the pics here:

Kitchen Remodel

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What a difference a wall makes!!