weird turn of events

life is rolling along at a frantic pace. i decided last week that i needed to start making some more $$ and i didn't want to do the paper route so i considered applying at lowe's and cvs but before committing to something like that i decided to call about delivering phone books since i'd seen a classified ad about it. they told me to come in this a.m. to apply and attend training. so i did. no big deal, i thought. i picked out a route kinda close to our house and then went to the training. everything was fine then i went around to the dock to pick up the phone books. all in all, i have to deliver 1988 phone books by next monday evening. yep. 1,988. and we're not talking little phone books. some are 3" thick!!!! i could only fit about 200 in my car and the back was rubbing on the tires. uh oh. what have i gotten myself into, i thought? i never imagined that i would have sooo many huge phone books to deal with. ugh.

so i called dave to tell him i was coming to get the jeep so that i could go get more phone books. he said i couldn't because the jeep suspension still needs some work and it can't take the weight. so i ended up driving to a real small town between frankfort and kokomo to a junk yard to get front coil springs and then i drove them all the way to dave at his work and then he put them on right after work. all in all, i've spent over $100 in gas and parts just today in order to do this phone book delivery gig and i will only make $236. this is NOT worth it. but i signed my name and promised i would do it and i can't very well go back on that now. anyways, the next 2 days are going to be terribly busy. and let's face it, i'm just not used to long hours of working anymore. i pretty much have a migraine at this point today after working for so long. i feel like i can hardly think. i have got to get ahold of myself and just do this. tomorrow i will have to make at least 1 more if not 2-3 more trips down to the southwest side of indy to get the rest of these books then i have to bag them all. and my friend amie has generously agreed to go with me all day thursday to help deliver these things. i am so so so thankful. i just hope it's not too much for her new baby aiden. :)

speaking of aiden, it's for sure that i will be watching him starting in january and i think that it looks like i'm going to be watching him at my house now. and another baby in april and may. so, i'm going to have a bit of a daycare going on in my house. i'm pretty excited about that. it will be nice to be able to do some of my own household chores and be home while making $. not to mention, i love babies! (and i'm still saying this after 3+ months of watching ava!)

it would be soooo awesome if we could get done with the phone books thursday but i just don't know. dave & i were hoping to do something fun this weekend {either go to the covered bridge fest with his parents, or by ourselves, or go on a little romantic road trip to kentucky} but i may have to deliver phone books instead. grrrrr...

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