I quit...

well, i told AT&T to "take this job and shove it" today. i determined i would have to make about 8 trips to and from the southwest side just to get those dumb phone books before bagging and delivering them. it was so not worth my time. i would end up paying out more than i made, and the whole point of this was that i wanted to make $$. i don't really even have enough in my checking to front the gas $ right now since we have a bunch of other bills due. so i called and told them i was bringing all the books back that i picked up yesterday for that reason. they said i would get paid $3 for each trip, but in the jeep it would take about $10 for each trip, so it wasn't worth it. not to mention, i hurt my back just loading those back in the jeep this morning.

i feel like a big loser for not keeping my end of the deal in this...i hate not keeping my word. but....hhhhh....isn't the point of a job to make $? i don't know why it is so hard for me to make decisions like this and stick with my logic and not look back and not be emotional. i had to go to dreyer to get the phone book route list out of the toyota since it had slid under the seat yesterday and i saw dave and ended up crying about all this to him, which frustrated him. he just couldn't understand how i could be so upset over all this. somedays it stinks being an emotional girl.

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