Top 6 POSITIVE Things about Today

{Just so I won't complain about stuff, I thought I'd title my post this way today...}

1. I am going to my Beth Moore womens study for the first time in 3 weeks - I'm not sick, not delivering phone books, etc., etc. I have only done 1 of the 21 days of homework since 3 weeks ago (due to the above excuses plus distractions from the evil one), but I am still going. Satan is not going to stop me today!!!!!!!

2. I'm having lunch with Tamara and Blake.

3. I have a piano lesson with Griffin this afternoon. He is doing sooo well.

4. I'm going to hang out with Michelle and Amie, Griffin and Aiden afterwards. Woohoo!

5. It is an absolutely gorgeous sunny day and the high is 70!! I love fall.

6. I have had almost 6 entire months of leisure :) and even if I have to get more jobs now and work like crazy, it has been fantastic while it's lasted.

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