22 Seemingly Important Things on Oct 22nd!

1. Finished the 3rd of 3 teddy bears in the 500 piece puzzle while babysitting today. I'm slowly but surely going to get that thing! Now on to the white background. This job rocks!

2. Waiting supper for Dave again. He has been such a hard worker lately. I'm so proud of him. It may mean that we eat dinner at 7 or 8 every night, but if that is all I have to do to support him, then so be it.

3. Dave got some more sidework today.

4. It smells like fried foods in our house (recently made french fries and scrapple). I think I will light some candles. Ew.

5. Unhappy with my weight but on the bright side, I am 10 pounds lighter than this time last year. I think that with some exercise and eating right, I can shed more. In fact, yesterday I made 4 laps around the trail at the park (1 with Tamara, 3 with Amie). That was lots of fun! I'm headed in the right direction.

6. Contemplating working for an established errand service or a home remodeler (I could help come up with ideas for houses and make drawings by hand or CAD). I will just have to start a bit of a creative job search to find such an opportunity. Need to do something.

7. I have tomorrow off! (Different schedule this week due to fall break.)

8. Tomorrow night is Ladies Night Out at church. I might go.

9. Played hide and seek with Sponge Bob toys from BK today. That was a highlight!

10. Going to have leftover ham and beans and cornbread tonight.

11. Kind of sad and lonely tonight. The gray sky is also contributing to this.

12. Dave's researching tools to buy to bullnose and polish granite tiles.

13. Need to go to Lowe's and buy a kitchen sink and faucet. I think that we have agreed on which ones. Dave of course wants the more brushed nickel looking stainless steel faucet to match our others and I will probably give in. I don't want it though. It waterspots very badly and is a pain to clean. Our guest bath has one and I'm not a fan right now. Any suggestions on how to clean? I think chrome would be my choice if it were all up to me.

14. Wearing my tight pants so that I won't eat as much today. At least they fasten. Last winter they didn't.

15. Icing my back right now because it hurts.

16. Wondering why I do not think to put things away when I finish using them. Right now in the office I see a cookbook, a book, a planner, scrapbooking supplies, a headband and some job search papers scattered on the floor. CDs, a broken mouse, vitamins and a remote control on the keyboard tray next to me. Kleenexes that did not make it into the trash by the trash can. In the great room I know there are dirty clothes strewn about and coupons and books all over the place. Also a pile of 4x8 sheets of plywood (now that actually isn't my fault). Also in the great room are budgeting papers, a paystub and bills. There's mail and lists on the dishwasher and a candle sitting out of place on the coffee table and of course dirty pans on the stove and dirty dishes on the counter and in the sink. And dirty clothes on the floor in the bathroom and the laundry room. And speaking of the floor, it hasn't been swept in 9 days. Or mopped for at least 3 weeks. At the moment, the fact that I am home is not in the least bit helping to keep the house clean. Hhhhhh....well, there's a glimpse into my slob ways. I am frustrated. Dave is too. Since he says that he would just put things away as he uses them and he can't possibly clean up after me. Hurricane Katie. Ahhhh...I am going to draw a line in the sand and change.

17. Dave just called and he is heading home. Better hurry up my list so that the cornbread is done when he gets here....

18. Had a great time at Womens Study yesterday.

19. I think that the reason I don't clean, or do my womens study or exercise or eat right is that I am always looking for the perfect amount of time, etc. to do the ENTIRE project rather than doing a little bit here and there. I am determined to change right NOW.

20. Avoiding the internet for the rest of the night is my first action step.

21. Putting things away is my second.

22. And now I'm off to go be a better wife. :)


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Anonymous said...

When you figure out how to just change #19 let me know...I've been trying to get there for a while now...hopefully you'll have better success than I have so far.
:), Jenny