while i was not wasting time on the internet tonight, i....

  • created a household cleaning schedule - 1 job for each day of the week, now i won't be as tempted to wait until someone is coming over to frantically clean, my house will just be clean every week!
  • organized / cleaned out the laundry room closet
  • organized the pantry cupboard
  • found some free (or almost free) workout classes at area churches. the first one i will attend is the "Interval Bootcamp" tomorrow at 9 a.m. (cost: $3)
  • made a big to-do list for tomorrow
meanwhile, dave worked outside on his jeep radio. he just came inside (at 11:45). he has so much to do lately. i wish that i could help him, but all his jobs are big manly projects...so i will just do my best to not add to his lists.

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