1- Get the closest book, go to page 18 and write the 4th line down.
“…after his marriage (Deut. 24:5) so that these two people could get to …” let me just say that i'm glad it was page 18. there are a lot worse things that i could have had to type from that book. ok for a marriage but not ok for my blog...

2- What’s the last thing you’ve watched on TV ?
some HGTV show about a master bedroom makeover

3- Without checking, guess what time it is ?

4- Check, it is…
oh man, close, it's 7:19

5- Outside of the computer noise, what do you hear ?
the fridge cycling and cars driving by

6- When you got out the last time, what did you do ?
I went to Lonestar with my parents

7- What are you wearing ?
nightgown and crocs. i should really not do these surveys before i'm dressed for the day. this is embarrassing.

8- Before answering this questionnaire, what were you watching ?
i looked at some other blogs...?

9- Did you dream last night ?
not that i remember

10- When is the last time you laughed ?
sunday? i'm not sure. maybe i laughed yesterday although i don't remember. i'm too serious!

11- What is on the walls of the room you’re in ?
paint, offwhite from Menards

12- Did you see something strange today ?
a lower number on the scale!! :)

13- What do you think of this questionnaire ?
i love it!

14- What’s the last movie you watched ?
hmmmm...one of those from the Love Comes Softly series with my parents and David about a month ago, in the theaters, the last one was The Proposal

15- Should you be multimillionnaire, what’s the first thing you would buy ?
I'd pay off my house

16- Tell us something about you we don’t already know :
hmmm...i worked out twice this week so far and i've lost 2 lbs in 12 days!!

17- If you could change something in the world outside of culpability and politics, what would you change ?
i would make living expenses less expensive!

18- Do you like to dance ?

19- Georges Bush ?
love 'em!

20- What would be your daughter’s name ?
Sadie Lizabeth or Betsy "something"-belle

21- And your son’s ?
Levi Reuben or Noah Avery

22- Did you ever think of living abroad ?

23- What would you want God to tell you when you’ll go through heaven’s gates ?
well done, good and faithful servant

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