random thoughts

  • thanks Shan for the awesome candle! i love it! our bedroom smells so good right now.
  • dave had a man-club meeting tonight. some guys at church are starting an outdoorsmen league. they're going to meet one day / month and have all kinds of guy talks/devotions/dinners, etc. it will be a great opportunity to invite friends.
  • i'm at home dreaming up ways to be a better wife. came up with lots of cool ideas tonight. so excited to share with dave! he is going to love some of this.
  • i need to go clean the kitchen. dave came home right after i had dinner and got me all distracted and sidetracked from putting away my food. gross thawing fruit. and pepporoni and cheese sitting out. ugh. i don't want to get up and clean that. :(
  • made some more laundry soap today
  • gave a piano lesson here. should be fun. a sophomore in HS
  • had lunch after bible study with some of the ladies and their boys. the waiter brought me the wrong dressing so he gave me my salad for free. wow! can't beat that. anyways, i had a great time getting to know diana l. better. found out someone in our group is pregnant. yay!!!! ...it was SO MUCH FUN to go out with the ladies, several of which are neighbors or related. kind of felt like being at home where everyone knows everyone. :)

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